Bougainvillaea and its Nine Types

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Bougainvillea Urban plants Bougainvilleas are lovely vine-like plants that come in a rainbow of hues and make a striking statement in any house or yard. They grow well against a fence, building, trellis, in containers, or as a hedge in moderate winter climates. You'll be able to locate the appropriate bougainvillaea for your home from the over 250 types available.

Types of bougainvilea: 

Bougainvillea Plant Care Urban plants While they're well-known for their vibrant colours and vine-like properties, there are lots of kinds with distinct characteristics that will fit into any garden design. The following are some of the most popular bougainvillaea types that thrive in containers.

Barbara Karst:

This attractive shrub has bracts in vibrant colours of magenta and scarlet that surround tiny white blooms, making it one of the most popular types. They can reach a height of 20 feet when fully mature. Consider the Barbara Karst if you live in hardiness zones 9-12.

Camarillo Fiesta:

Consider purchasing Camarillo Fiestas if you live in a hotter environment (zone 11 or higher). These fast-spreading vines thrive in the heat, producing fiery pink and gold bracts that can reach a height of 30 feet.

Gold Rush:

These beautiful gold bracts love hardiness zones 10 to 12 and will offer a warm and pleasant touch to your garden. They can reach a height of 15 feet and bloom from early spring until late October.

Cherry Blossom:

These bougainvillaeas look a lot like cherry blossom trees, as the name says. They come in lovely light pink colours with a white centre and are ideal for hanging baskets in the summer. Hardiness zones 9-11 are best for this cultivar.

White Stripe:

Looking for something a little more refined? In late spring to early fall, these gorgeous types produce clusters of white, spherical bracts. You'll want to put it in a spiller container so it can spill gracefully over the pot because it spreads swiftly. Hardiness zones 11 and above are ideal for growing White Stripes.

White Madonna:

White Madonnas are commonly seen in colours of white and pale pink, and are known for their smell.


These gorgeous lilac paper leaves are the perfect accent to any garden or home and are quite easy to care for. 

Purple Queen:

The bracts of this species are a deep purple colour, and little white flowers are frequently found among the bracts. These bougainvillaeas may reach a height of 20 feet and are ideal for creating a stunning display in an outdoor environment.

Delta Dawn:

Delta Dawns may be the right bougainvillaea for you if you prefer a more subdued and subtle bougainvillaea. The creamy white leaves and pastel orange bracts make a charming addition to any home or patio, and they thrive all year!

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