Bonsai Trees for Cafe Or Restaurant Decorations

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Bonsai Cafe plants Urban plants Bonsai are miniature forms of trees kept in a small container, always looking elegant and impressive.

This will be the best choice for cafe decoration, as it will enhance the look of cafe or restaurant interiors. There are so many bonsai available of different trees from which the most popular are banyan tree bonsai, adenium bonsai, and also ficus bonsai.

Bonsai is mainly kept in a shallow container which is not too deep so that roots will not develop too much which will prevent the growth of aerial parts of tree.Bonsai can be made from any perennial woody tree or shrub having branches for giving it a proper structure  to it.

Banyan Tree Bonsai

This bonsai suits best for cafe exterior design when it covers the space of the external area with its wide green leaves, which will make the cafe look fully covered with greenery.

This bonsai can live up to hundreds of years.The most attractive part of Banyan tree bonsai is its aerial roots which come out from its branches and after growing reach up to the ground or hanging in air.

For cafe decoration Banyan tree bonsai should be kept where the customers entering directly have a look at it.This is also considered lucky.

Adenium Tree Bonsai

Adenium bonsai, also known as desert rose, which is having an elegant pink flower bloom and a bulbous root structure as a result of adaptation.

It can be decorated inside or outside in a bright but indirect sunlight  for a greenery cafe in a row of ten to twelve pots.It can also be decorated with the combination of other succulents in a specific area.

Ficus Tree Bonsai 

Ficus bonsai is one of the most popular and loving bonsai because of its bushy structure shape.Ficus bonsai is best suited on the tabletop inside the cafe.It comes in small to large pots which can be kept on table tops or on ground.

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