Bonsai Care Inside of Cafe

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Nowadays many cafes are decorated on the bonsai tree based theme.Many of us have seen restaurants with trees inside, which gives the aesthetic look of the whole mature tree as well as can be grown in small containers which  will take up very less area of the cafe.

Bonsai is a piece of art in which the perennial woody trees or shrubs grown in a tray-like pot have small size which doesn't allow roots to expand, which make the tree fit into that small container and still live up to hundreds of years.

The most popular bonsai trees are Banyan tree bonsai, adenium bonsai, ficus bonsai.The maintenance of bonsai requires knowledge and patience while caring.Choosing of perfect place,amount of sunlight,pruning activities, fertilizers requirement,watering,and other aspects should be take care of.

Soil Requirement 

Bonsai soil mix mainly consists of akadama, pumice,lava rock, organic potting compost, and fine gravel which holds the bonsai roots properly.


Bonsai does not need regular water like other plants. So make sure to water bonsai when the soil surface looks slightly dry,and do not overwater especially when it is kept inside the cafe or restaurants.


Bonsai needs light for at least 6-7hrs for survival .So the cafe having proper light and air ventilation through the window is best suited for bonsai.If it will not get enough sunlight its leaves may start yellowing and drop.


 Bonsai does not frequently feed on fertilizers as their growth has to be prevented.But bonsai like Adenium or desert Rose, which blooms flowers requires more amount of fertilizers as compare to other bonsai.The best fertilizer for adenium flowering is bone meal application which is rich in phosphorus and allow bonsai to have more numbers of flowers.

There are so many bonsai trees that vary in shape and size available for restaurant decoration on Urban plants site.Have a look and get your bonsai at suitable prices.

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