Birthday Plant Gifts under 100 Rupees

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Birthday Plant Gifts Urban Plants People nowadays want a gift combo with expensive gifts. They want to add something aesthetic and natural too, and cheap, aesthetic and natural is nothing but the plants which come under low price birthday gift, birthday gift combo and wedding return gift hamper and many more.

Here are some planters ideas for someone to gift,

Moth orchids

Moth orchids are beautiful flowery plant, these are easy to care plant but regloom of their flowers can be challenging if not taken care well, but you can’t ignore this plant someone to gift if you see its beautiful flowers when they bloom.

Snake Plant

Birthday Plant Gifts Urban Plants Snake plant is a typical house plant which makes it a more relatable thing to give someone. Also it does not require special maintenance and care to grow it well, they can survive without watering for over 1 month.

Sago palm

This plant is a perfect gift for those who are gardening lovers and just love to grow beautiful plants indoor and outdoor too in their garden area or in a wisdom corner. This plant has a clear tropical appearance with their super beautiful leaves and can grow indoor and outdoor according to the needs.

Money Plant

Money plant is a plant which removes toxins from air and it's easy to grow and maintain. This plant also known for bringing prosperity and wealth.

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