Bird of paradise plant growing condition in India

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Bird-Of-Paradise-Urban-PlantsBird of paradise plant is cultivated in Different parts and has vast demand in both Indian and international markets. The Birds of paradise market in Bangalore and other south Indian states has more than north Indian states. Bird of paradise produced in many countries like America, South Africa, China and Japan. Due to high temperatures in those countries it has great propagation.

Bird of paradise plant in India 

Bird-Of-Paradise-Plant-Urban-PlantsIn India, birds of paradise trees grow in sub tropical and sub temperature conditions. These conditions can be observed in the Himachal Pradesh, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Bengal, Nilgiri hills, Bangalore, western Ghats, and some adjoining areas in south India. 
Growing Condition of paradise 
Birds of paradise bloom with orange and green Bird flowers. These plants can grow anywhere easily with certain limitations of basic needs like. 


Being a sub tropical and sub temperatures plant in Bird of paradise needs bright sunlight. Better to keep the plant outdoors or grow it in gardens is preferred.


As we all know, the Bird of paradise requires minimum water. So it is preferable to provide water twice or thrice a week. 


Bird of paradise plants need a wide area to grow. Better to grow outdoors or in the garden to get blooms. 

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