Bird of paradise blooming season in India

by Urban Plants

Bird-of-paradise-Plants-Urban-PlantsThe Bird likes to bloom when it's a bit stressed so ignoring it to water it might work in your favor for a change. That's not to say don't water it for a month, but you get the point of proper watering of Bird of paradise. Make sure to take them outside as soon as it's warm enough to do so, the more direct sun these guys can get, the better. By the end of September or October, you will see the first buds appear, and by mid-December, you should have your first bloom. The key to this to achieve blooming is a lot of sunlight during the summer, water. 

Bird of paradise plant fertilizer 

They are magnificent when they are blooming and prove to be quite a pleasant surprise in the cold of winter.
Avoid blooming buster fertilizers, let it do its thing. This Flower is also known as Crane flowers and it is one of the most beautiful Exotic Flowers in India. Plants similar to This plants and flowers are native to South Africa. Birds of Paradise bloom from the month September through May and its scientific name is 'Strelitzia Reginae'.

Growing Bird of paradise plant 

Bird-of-paradise-Plants-Urban-PlantsAchieving Blooming of bird of paradise on your Bird of Paradise Plants. To review some tips to achieve blooming flowers of bird of paradise:


  • Allow it to get as much full sunlight as possible. 
  • Watering the plants, but don't be afraid to neglect it a bit, don't 'baby' it. 
  • Use a well-draining soil mix or potting mix. 
  • Keep it in a smaller container; they bloom better when root bound
  • Patient needed; it may take a while to get your first blooms. 

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