Best Windowsill Herbs | Herbs for Growing Indoors

by Samin Rizvi

If you do not have a backyard, then don’t let it stop you from your love of gardening. Here are the Best Windowsill Herbs you can grow without a garden!

Do you live in a studio apartment or condo and want to grow fresh aromatic herbs? But lack of space stops you? Well, if you have a got a balcony, you can start them there or on your windowsill–If it receives some sunlight.

Best Windowsill Herbs

1. Mint

Mint adds flavor to salads, cocktails, mocktails, yogurt, and a glass of lemonade. The flavor and the aroma that it adds to the food are incredibly versatile. 

Soil: Use quality potting mix

Temperature: 65-80°F (18-27°C)

Water: Regular

Fertilizer: All-purpose liquid fertilizer once in 6 weeks in a weak dose

Health Benefits: Improves Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), relieves indigestion, improves brain function, masks bad breath, and improves cold.

2. Oregano

Oregano is a must-have for the Mediterranean, Italian, Middle Eastern, and Latin American cuisines. It is easy to care for and one of the best windowsill herbs you can grow.

Soil: Regular, well-draining soil, crumbly in texture

Temperature: 60-75°F (15-24°C)

Water: Moderate 

Fertilizer: Once in 5-6 weeks

Health Benefits: Helps in treating asthma, cramps, diarrhea, aching muscles, indigestion, colds, and as an immunity booster. 

3. Chives

Adds an instant taste to eggs, soups, salads, potatoes, and most vegetable dishes. As long as it gets plenty of sunlight, it will continue to thrive.

Soil: Evenly moist

Temperature: 60-90 °F (15-32 °C)

Water: Regular 

Fertilizer: Once in 6-8 weeks

Health Benefits: Common topping for omelets, pasta, chicken dishes, soups, dips, fish, seafood dishes can improve memory.

4. Lemon Balm

Another relative of Mint, Lemon Balm, has a strong, lemony flavor that lends a delicious taste to fish dishes, steamed and sauteed vegetables, sorbets, and fruit salads. 

Soil: It does well in all types of soil

Temperature: 50-86°F (10-30°C)

Water: Regular

Fertilizer: Once in 4-5 weeks 

Health Benefits: Besides culinary uses, lemon balm helps treat stress, depression, insomnia, indigestion, menstrual cramps, nausea, colds, and indigestion. 

5. Parsley

It adds flavor to stews, salads, sauces, soups. You can start growing your own by taking a cutting from an established plant.

Soil: Loamy, well-draining soil

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