Best Restaurant Plants for Indoor

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Plants give an aesthetic and specific look to your restaurant as well as indoors. As people are affected by the surroundings where they eat, it is necessary to provide your frequenters a classy and environment friendly atmosphere in restaurants. It depends on the number of plants you use in your restaurant and how it affects your restaurant indoor & outdoors as well. So if you are putting a lot of minimal and indoor plants in your restaurant it creates a lush greenery effect and also purifies the air and gives positive association to your visitors. 

Here are the best plants that will provide an elegant edge to your restaurant:

Spider Plants

These plants are easy to grow and extremely ebullient, these are one of the must have plant species for your restaurant. They are well enough for adding great ambience in the dining area of your restaurant. As this plant doesn’t require high maintenance and attention, it will be the best suite for your restaurant to have these plants indoors.

Peace Lily

The peace lily plant is so beautiful & stunning it creates an aesthetic ambience wherever you plant it. With its gorgeous white flowers and dark green leaves, this plant is among the most popular restaurant plants. This plant doesn’t require high maintenance and won’t die due to lack of maintenance. These plants love to be in low light but can also survive in direct sunlight, So it will be a great choice for both indoor & outdoor areas of your restaurant.


Sansevieria, commonly known as “mother-in-law's tongue” or “snake plant”, is a best choice for restaurants because of its low-light tolerance plant. It is one of the hardiest indoor-plants and also one of the easiest to care for, which doesn’t require high maintenance. It can instantly make any space look more superior & classy. You can place these plants in a bunch for giving extran aesthetic looks.


It attracts customers when you grow plants by ownself in your restaurant which can also be added in the dishes served. Such edible plants in your restaurant are works two for one, since they can also be implemented into your dishes. Parsley can be a good plant to have in your restaurant windows and outdoors as it thrives in direct sunlight. Parsley doesn’t require that much maintenance except watering twice or thrice in a week.


If you want to give your restaurant a modern edge and minimal greenery look, then succulents may be the perfect choice for you! This plant family is so substantial, there is bound to be one that fits your style. Succulents come in all shapes and sizes, say String of Pearl to Cacti. These plants love direct sunlight or bright areas and do not require watering daily. These plants give a pretty minimal look and come in a wide range so you can use any of them at your dining and reception desk.

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