Best Houseplant Dracaena Gardening Tips

by Urban Plants

You may already be growing a dracaena plant as part of your houseplant collection; in fact, you may have a different kind of easy-care houseplant dracaena. If you have probably learned that dracaena plant care is fairly simple. Colorful strap foliage appears on many dracaena houseplant varieties. Many cultivars are large, tree-like plants, others smaller. The houseplant dracaena exerts an upright form no matter the cultivar. 

Gardening of a Dracaena Plant 

Stems of the dracaena houseplant are called canes and can be pruned at any point to keep plants under control. Dracaena houseplant varieties of D. fragrans and D. deremensis had cultivars that can reach from 6 to 10 feet, so height control by pruning canes of older plants is useful when growing a dracaena plant. New foliage will sprout out just below the cut in a few weeks. Propagate the removed dumb cane for another plant. 

Dracaena plant care involves keeping the soil of dracaena houseplant moist, but never soggy. Drooping or yellowing leaves indicate over-watering or poor drainage. Learning how to maintain a dracaena includes finding well-draining soil in which to grow your houseplant dracaena. Proper fertilization is also a part of how to care for a dracaena. Feed the Dracaena plant every two weeks in spring and summer with a balanced houseplant fertilizer. Avoid fertilization once a month during fall.  When growing a dracaena plant, stop feeding during winter months, as the dracaena plant benefits from a period of dormancy. When growing a dracaena plant, locate it in brightly filtered light, such as through a sheer curtain in front of a sunlight aligned window. Room temperatures of 60 to 70 degrees F are best during the day, with night temperatures about ten degrees cooler. However, the dracaena is forgiving of temperatures, as long as they are not too cold.

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