Benefits of Waste Management

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Many compines are content simply to establish a system for removing trash or waste. Increasingly, greater attention in waste management is being paid to solid waste management, and proactive organizations are seeing the benefits of establishing a waste reduction process.

Waste is something if not properly managed can cause a big environmental hazard. Waste management can be short from its source that is even from our kitchen. waste Management is done when it goes through 3Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Reduce means to less the amount of waste production by using the resources wisely. And if possible, reuse the stuffs which can be use more than once. And at last, recycle which means to use that material by changing its form.

Nearly from every field waste generates, but the amount differs as per the field. Some fields like chemical factories and textile industries generates large amount of wastage that are very toxic in nature, non-biodegradable. Every field waste has different waste management strategies. 

Save Money


Increasing waste recycling can cut your waste disposal costs and improve your bottom line.

 If you are running a business these are lot of raw materials or inputs used in production, if for reducing waste, the resources are used wisely, then ultimately your energy or money in waste management and buying the new stock of raw materials will reduce.

In your kitchen, if the raw vegetables peels and other biodegradable material separated and no dumped in garbage. They can easily be converted in compost which will be enrich for your plants and it will save your money with free plant feeding.

On large scale also there are so many plant set up for the management of city's waste by segregation, recycle process etc. But it cost immense energy, time and money to run these waste management plants. So if the waste will be managed right from it's source. It will not collect and become a big issue for the city.

Prevent Environmental Hazard

Today waste has become a big problem for the whole world. They are not managed properly and in every city their are mountains of garbage made because of continuous dumping. Some waste flow through rivers and enters in the sea and ocean which then harms the aquatic animals of sea. Due to non biodegradable waste lands are getting barren and polluted which lowering the value of soil day by day. Water is getting polluted because of the wastes dumped in it through industries and factories. There are lot of chemical toxins present in the waste which affects the environment directly and indirectly  to humans. 

Biodiversity prevention

As the population of human increasing day by day they are capturing the land for their living, industries, agriculture etc. Due to which the waste out of these process also increasing which is due to not be managed properly lead to the hazard for the other creatures. Because of the polluting air, land and water animals struggling to live and their habitats are also damaging because of the human interference. 


Proper use of Resources

One of the benefits of managing waste is to use the resources properly so that less waste will generate as a result management can also become easy for less wastage. By using resources properly your input cost will also decreases and indirectly there will be less damage to the environment will happen. Most of the damage is done because their there is improper way of resources handle is done by the people. 

Knowledge is power

By understanding the amount and types of wastes your organization produces, you’re better positioned to find ways to reduce hauling costs and negotiate for organic waste and recycling services that actually fit your needs.

Streamline reporting and information sharing

Tracking your solid waste management activities in one platform and using a standard set of metrics, makes it easier to share and report information with stakeholders.

Enhance sustainability

Managing water, waste, and energy more efficiently are core components of sustainability. Improving your organization’s sustainability can boost your corporate image, attract quality tenants to your properties and positively engage employees in waste management.

By managing the waste properly, the sustainability of an organization will increase as it shows the concern of yours towards environment and helps in good will for your company. 

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions :

Waste prevention and waste recycling offer significant potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As more wastage generates more carbon dioxide in the environment which will increase the temperature of earth and have a highly negative impact on all creatures of the earth. Managing this waste properly will reduce the greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide etc. 


Best Solution of Modern Waste Management

Conserve resources:

Reuse and waste recycling conserves natural resources including trees, metals and water.


One of the most important step for waste management is segregation of waste as per its nature. The biodegradable one should be separated different that includes green vegetables and fruits peels, left over foods, etc which can be used as soil manure. The non biodegradable and recyclable waste should be separate on one side which includes plastic, metals, etc .And the wastage which are toxic in nature or of a specific chemical which should not be in nature openly should be dispose separately. This process will help to make the management effectively. Segregation half's the work of waste management and make the rest of things very easy. 



Waste Collection and segregation done by the management then try to make it compost. To prepare a sustainable compost use Sadabahar composter vertical garden planter tower will help the best feature of it is self fertilizing with inbuilt composter attached with planter that is available at Urban plants.

composting is the best process to use the biodegradable waste in a very efficient manner. Like collecting waste from kitchen and add it in  Sadabahar composter vertical garden planter tower and grow whatever plant you may like and gradually the wastage started to decompose and collecting in a chamber right beneath of the planter. 

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