Basil Tulsi Plant As A Gift

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Tulsi Plant On Mother's Day

Mother's day is a very special day and to surprise your mother you should select a basil tulsi plant as a gift for your mother. Basil tulsi plant has great medicinal value . The leaves of basil tulsi plants are used in tea that adds freshness and reduces anxiety and stress . So, this plant is best to give to your mother . 


Online birthday gifts and delivery on same day

Basil tulsi plantJade plantbamboo plant ,Spider plants ,snake plants and Cactus are plants that can be given as a gift on birthdays.  These plants can be ordered from urban plants and will be delivered soon . 

These plants absorb harmful toxins and chemicals from the environment and cleans the air.  They add a touch of beauty wherever kept and helps to reduce mental stress.  These plants also bring good luck and happiness. The intake of basil leaves on a regular basis helps to enhance metabolism of the body. 

Gifts for male doctors

Basil tulsi plants have great medicinal values and so are good to give to doctors as a gift . 

The intake of its leaves induces relaxation of body and mind.  Basil leaves are also used in the wounds so that it can heal more rapidly. . Tulsi plant leaves also help to recover infection of the body such as ulcers and acne. So the use of this plant is having so many benefits and it is good to give as a gift also.

Gifts to Bangalore


Nowadays it is very easy to order the plants online from urban plants and send them to different locations such as Delhi , Bangalore,  Pune etc.  Green plants such as Cactus, orchids , basil tulsi, Jade plant, bamboo plant are easily available in urban plants . Green plants purify the indoor air by absorbing harmful toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde , toluene etc and produce freshness all around. 

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