Arka Savi Rose Cultivation: Yield Per Acre, Growing Cost, and Profit Analysis

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Arka Savi Rose, also known as Arka Savi, is a popular variety of rose cultivated for its vibrant and fragrant flowers. To conduct a yield per acre, growing cost, and profit analysis for Arka Savi Rose cultivation, we'll need to consider various factors.

Yield Per Acre:

The yield of Arka Savi Rose can vary based on several factors, including growing conditions, care, and management practices. On average, you can expect a yield of approximately 20,000 to 30,000 flowers per acre per year. However, this figure can be significantly higher or lower depending on factors such as soil quality, climate, and the level of care provided.Arka-Savi-Rose-Cultivation:-Yield-Per-Acre,-Growing-Cost,-and-Profit-Analysis-Urban-Plants

Growing Costs:

The costs associated with Arka Savi Rose cultivation can vary depending on location and specific practices, but here's a general breakdown of potential expenses:

Land Preparation: This includes plowing, leveling, and preparing the land for planting. Costs may vary, but it's essential for creating an ideal growing environment for roses.

Planting Material: Expenses related to purchasing Arka Savi Rose plants or saplings for initial planting.

Fertilizers and Nutrients: Costs for fertilizers and nutrients to ensure proper soil nutrition and plant health.

Irrigation: The cost of providing adequate and consistent water supply, especially during dry seasons.

Pest and Disease Management: Expenses for pesticides and disease control measures to protect the plants from common pests and diseases.

Labor: Costs associated with labor for planting, pruning, and other maintenance activities throughout the year.

Mulching and Weeding: Expenses for mulch materials and weeding to maintain soil moisture and prevent weed competition.

Greenhouse or Shade Net Costs: If you are using a greenhouse or shade net structure for cultivation, consider the construction and maintenance costs.

Utilities: Costs associated with electricity, if needed for irrigation pumps or greenhouse operations.

Profit Analysis:

To determine the profitability of Arka Savi Rose cultivation, you'll need to subtract the total growing costs from the revenue generated by selling the harvested flowers. Keep in mind that rose prices can vary depending on local demand, quality, and market conditions.

Here's a simplified profit analysis formula:

Profit = Total Revenue - Total Growing CostsArka-Savi-Rose-Cultivation:-Yield-Per-Acre,-Growing-Cost,-and-Profit-Analysis-Urban-Plants

Total Revenue can be calculated by multiplying the number of flowers harvested per acre by the selling price per flower.

Profitability in rose cultivation also depends on the market you are selling to. High-quality Arka Savi Roses are often in demand for various purposes, including floral arrangements, garlands, and perfumes, which can command higher prices in the market.

It's essential to keep accurate records of all expenses and sales to assess the profitability of your Arka Savi Rose cultivation accurately. Additionally, regular monitoring and proper care of the plants can help maximize yields and profits.

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