All in one vertical gardening system is the Vertical Garden tower

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

A vertical gardening systems that works in an efficient way while building a vertical garden design and ease to maintain and movable tool at your home is Sadabahar (Our Portable Vertical garden) will fill the empty corners and spaces at your homes with beauty and elegance, thus bringing a refreshing change into your humdrum life. Our customizable Sadabahar will ensure that you always feel close to nature,lifting your health and spirit.
This portable vertical garden planter helps you to create a microclimate. Reduce carbon footprints and reduce the impact of the urban environment. This vertical garden tower suits your terrace garden, vertical garden and Urban garden. 

Features of vertical garden tower 

Make your own compost naturally
Grow your organic vegetables and plants
Enhance visual appeal and maximize limited space

  • Portable Vertical Garden Tower
  • Pot Space with 55 Number of plants can occupy the space.
  • High qualityPU castor wheels
  • High grade PP plastic / Light weight
  • UV stabilized for long life
  • Adjustable Height
  • Easy to move- indoors / outdoors

With composter vertical garden planter tower 


This kind of setup is made like a tower space design for a garden tower vertical container. It helps in fertilizer of each plant in a better way. Due to movable features you can transfer your vertical garden tower to favorable climatic conditions. This vertical garden tower is available in two different colors White and Orange. 

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