Air Plants As A Gift On Different Occasions And Festivals

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Gifts for friends on Friendship day 

Friends are very special people in everyone's life so they need to be given special gifts also such as air plants. Air plants do not require soil for their survival, they aren't soil dependent in fact they take very less space also . Air plants are eco-friendly plants which possess small hairs and these hairs absorb all the carbon dioxide and harmful toxins from the surroundings and release fresh oxygen . Air plants are very good plants and can be gifted to your friends on friendship day. 

Gifts below 200 rs

Air Plants As A Gift On Different Occasions And Festivals Urban Plants

Due to Diwali there will be several offers in urban plants and you can get Air plants as well as other plants under 200 rs. Air plants are natural air purifiers and absorb toxic chemicals from surroundings such as benzene ,formaldehyde etc. Air plants are stunning succulents that are low maintenance plants and their survival rate is very high.  Air plants are easily adaptable to various temperatures and humidity.  They are just wow types of plants and can be given to surprise your loved ones on Diwali festival also. 

Hanging gift 

Air plants are plants that do not require soil for their growth. They are Air dependent plants so can be arranged in a hanging position.  Air plants are stress relievers and provide freshness by absorbing harmful toxins from nearby . Air plants are non toxic plants and completely safe for children and pets at home 

Plants gift for birthday 

Air plants are great to give someone on their birthday as a gift . Air plants are succulents that help to focus on your goal , spread calmness in the surroundings, low maintenance plants ,easily adaptable plants . They reduce pollutants from the surroundings by absorbing them.

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