Affiliate Marketing

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process through which any person can earn . This earning is possible by promoting and selling products of other companies. This earning can simply be called as commission which you get if you promote  and sell others  products or brands.

Affiliate marketing is  a mutual decision between the owner of a product or service and the Affiliate who promotes those products and on the sale of that particular product gets a commission as a reward.

Affiliate marketing majorly consists of 3 components : Vendor , Affiliate networks  and Affiliates . Vendor is a person who is the owner of the products and who provides the list of products  in a platform or website which is called affiliate networks and Affiliate is a person who promotes and sells the product and service .

Affiliate marketing website :

 Affiliate network is a network that simplifies the whole process of Affiliate marketing and works as a bridge between vendor and affiliate. 

Affiliate network is simply a website or a platform where several vendors provide the list of their products and also the specificity of those products . In addition to this the rate of commission per product on sale is also mentioned. 

The commission is not the same for all the  products. Vendors offer different amounts of commission on different products . 

Affiliate marketing means :

The vendors provide information about the product in a platform known as affiliate network  where several affiliates visit regularly and choose the product for promotion to earn commissions.  The affiliates also ask for approval to promote the chosen product and on getting an approval they can promote that product by different means. 

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