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What is an affiliate?

Affiliate is a person who connects traffic with a company. This is done by promoting and selling the products and services of that company. Like urban plants, it is offering an affiliate program for reselling gardening tools, gardening equipment, gardening accessories, gardening products.  Urban plants basically help in plant reselling. In return the person who is working as an affiliate in urban plants gets commission money as a reward for favoring the products of that particular company.

An affiliate can connect with urban plants and start reselling its products such as gardening tools, gardening equipment, gardening accessories, gardening products etc.


What are affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are the programs that a vendor or merchant updates on a platform such as urban plants, updating and giving a chance to affiliates to re-sell gardening products in urban plants. In return it pays to plant sellers or affiliates (who promote their products) and brings traffic to that particular product like gardening tools, gardening equipment, gardening accessories.

There is a fixed payout for that traffic that is given to affiliates or plant resellers who bring traffic to the product by promoting it. After the selling of the product, the affiliate gets a commission for the product. Urban plants are giving an opportunity to new affiliates for plant reselling.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning money by promoting the products of other companies such as urban plants, it is offering an affiliate program for reselling gardening tools, gardening equipment, gardening accessories, Affiliate marketing has 3 components: vendors, affiliate platform and affiliate.  

What is affiliate business?

Affiliate business is a business in which a person called affiliate does the promotion of products of other companies and earns money when the product is sold.

This money is called a commission which is different for different products. Plant selling and reselling is also a kind of task, and the most important thing requires a valid and reliable platform. The urban plant is giving a chance to new people to work as an affiliate and resell the gardening tools, gardening equipment, gardening accessories and   Sada Bahar Portable Vertical Garden Planter.

How does affiliate work?

Affiliate is a person who works as a mediator between a company and consumer such as affiliates working in urban plants will promote the products (the gardening tools, gardening equipment, gardening accessories, gardening products, Sada Bahar Portable Vertical Garden Planter etc.) and services of a company due to which a huge traffic arrives to that particular product and chances of reselling that product increases. After the product is sold, the fixed payout is paid to the affiliate for the work.  

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