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What is an affiliate?

Affiliate is a person who connects traffic with a company . This is done by  promoting and selling the products and services of that company. In return the person who is working as an affiliate gets commission  money as a reward for favoring the products of that particular company.  A person who earns money by promoting the other company's products is known as an affiliate. 

What are affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are the programs that a vendor or merchant updates on a platform  and pays to affiliates ( who promote their products) and brings traffic to that particular product . 

There is a fixed payout for that traffic that is given to affiliates who bring traffic to the product by promoting it. After the selling of the product, the person gets a commission for that product. 

What is affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning money by promoting the products of other companies and bringing the traffic to that product . Affiliate marketing has 3 components: vendors,  affiliate platform and affiliate.  

What is affiliate business?

Affiliate business is a business in which a person called affiliate does the promotion of products of other companies and earns money when the product is sold .

This money is called a commission which is different for different products . 

How does affiliate work ?

Affiliate is a person who works as a mediator between a company and consumer.  Affiliate promotes the products and services of a company due to which a huge traffic arrives to that particular product and chances of selling that product increases . After the product is sold the fixed payout is paid to the affiliate for the work.  

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