Advantages Of Converting Kitchen Wastes Into Compost

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

As per a survey, it is said that if a family manage their wastes by separating wet and dry wastes properly and then use wet waste including fruit and vegetable peels, used tea leaves, etc to make compost and give dry waste which includes plastics, metals  etc to recycle, they can reduce their waste generated by 70%. This indirectly plays a significant role in reducing the city's landfill, environmental hazards and many more.Advantages-Of-Converting-Kitchen-Wastes-Into-Compost-Urban-Plants

If you also want to know what are the different advantages of converting your kitchen wastes into compost then go through this Article which will help you know its advantages.


Advantages of Making Compost-

1.Reduce generated waste from your home

The waste generated daily in any home mainly consists of kitchen wastes and other packaging wastes like plastic or metal containers etc. If you separately collect the biodegradable materials like used flowers, fruit and vegetable peels etc and make compost out of it, then this will reduce the amount of wastes generated in your home daily.Advantages-Of-Converting-Kitchen-Wastes-Into-Compost-Urban-Plants

If you want to make your compost  journey easy and effective then Urban Plants is providing you with an innovative planter cum composter vertical tower in which you can grow around 55 plants while making compost in the composter attached to it.

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2.Homemade compost for your plants

If you have plants in your home then you can use your homemade compost as a supplement for your plants without spending a single rupee in buying it. By this you will manage your wastes and also use it effectively.Advantages-Of-Converting-Kitchen-Wastes-Into-Compost-Urban-Plants

3.Contribute in reducing City's landfills

If you will separate wet waste and use it in making compost ,you will automatically reduce the amount of waste dumped at garbage area. This will help in reducing the waste from landfills which can be decomposable and converted into somethin useful.

4.Balance Environmental Cycle

When you make compost from the biodegradable wastes, it gets ready again to mix with the soil to increase its fertility, and in the same soil you can again grow your favorite fruits and vegetables. Compost increases the organic matter content in the soil which is the most important aspect of  healthy soil. And this cycle will goes on without generating any wastes.Advantages-Of-Converting-Kitchen-Wastes-Into-Compost-Urban-Plants

5.Save Money

Making compost from your kitchen waste will not only save your money by getting homemade compost for your plants but it also indirectly helps in reducing the management cost government spend on cleaning the city's landfills.
There are lot of other advantages of making compost by using your kitchen wastes. So if you have made your mind to contribute from your level in reducing the pollution and making your environment clean, then you can start it by using Sadabahar- vertical garden tower to make compost very easily.


Best Composting Converter


Prominent component use in the perfect compost bin for sustainable waste management makes it more effective. I recommend a composter which is inbuild to a vertical garden tower which works in an efficient way with space saving and movable features. In addition to composting you can grow 55 units of plants at a single place. This special tower is available in Urban plants

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