6 Things To Know About Caladiums Plants

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

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Caladiums are also known as Angels wings and elephant ears is a perennial plant with heart-shaped leaves varying in different vibrant colors, enhancing the beauty of the area where it is kept.

  • Caladiums are tropical region plant popular for its leaves' beauty which is not less in comparison with flowers. Caladiums loves a shady environment, so it is best suited beneath trees, or as a border under any shade, or inside the room where indirect sunlight is coming.
  • It grows well in a humid environment as the leaves need high moisture content around them.Mostly it is planted in zone9 to 11, where the environment is favorable for the caladium growth.
  • Caladiums propagates with tubers or corms. Large size tubers lead to a greater number of eyes which increase the foliage volume. And the tubers which are small in size having less number of eyes.
  • Caladiums cannot survive in cold soil, so make sure you plant the tubers according to the favorable conditions otherwise tubers will not sprout and rot. Instead of that plant 4-6 weeks prior to the planting season.
  • In zone 9-11 it's tuber kept for next planting as it produces corms but in other zones it is planted as an annual plant. If getting good conditions, it can grow upto 12 to 25 inches tall.They can be decorated as borders, bedding plants or in a container with combination of different cultivars.

Different cultivars of caladium plants have different capacity of sunlight tolerance.Some appreciate indirect sunlight and shade while some can tolerate bright sunlight of 2-3 hrs.

It is grown through the caladium bulbs.

Types of Caladiums Plants

1.Fancy-leaved types

This type of caladium has large,heart or semi-heart shaped leaves with  vibrant colors of variety.

2.Strap-leaves types

This type has an elegant art of strap formation on the leaves of a caladiums plant giving it a beautiful look.

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