3 Best Plant Gift Wrapping Ideas For Any Occasions

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gifting plants for any occasion becomes a trend nowadays and everyone also likes them very much and appreciates it a lot. Among all the plants houseplants or also known as indoor plants are most popular for gifting as they have many advantages including looks amazing, survive  in indoor ambiance with little care.

But whoever thinks about gifting nursery gifts always searches for a plant gift shop near me. Because the problem with gifting live plants like SyngoniumAlocasiamoney plant etc is that we can't wrap them as normal gifts which seems a little boring to give. But what if we tell you that it's super easy to make your plant gift more attractive and beautiful, that it will definitely bring a big smile on anyone's face.

Plant should be wrapped in a different way so that it looks like a gift and also doesn't damage the plant. online gift delivery in Hyderabad like city will be easier but if you want to make it by your own. These are some best way to do so

1.Brown Gift wrapping Paper

The plant pot when wrapped with a brown paper in a unique style leaving the upper portion will give it an amazing look. It will also make the plant gift more comfortable to handle.

The color of paper especially in brown suits best with green foliage plants like jade plantorchids etc.


Jute is always used for decorating succulents or even for bigger houseplants as they gives plants a unique and aesthetic look. There are many ways to decorate plant gifts with jute from putting it into a jute bag to just wrapping the pot portion. Jute bag has several pores which allow easy respiration of plants.


If you can get a perfect ribbon for the gift then just tying in a unique style ribbon can do all your wrapping purpose for your plant gift. Buy gift cards or stickers for it will increase its look. Plants like spider plantsucculentsPothos will look good in it.

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