Smart DIY Ideas for Growing Strawberries in Small Space

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

The best thing about strawberries is you can grow them easily anywhere. This makes them one of the very few fruits that can be grown differently. If you are ready to experiment, we have some DIY Ideas for Growing Strawberries in a Little to No Space!

DIY Ideas for Growing Strawberries

1. Vertical Strawberry Tube Planter

Vertical Strawberry PVC pipe Planter

All you need for this DIY idea is a few PVC pipes, a drilling machine, and of course, some gardening essentials. Just keep in mind that vertical units require careful watering, so the last thing you would want for them is to dry out. 

2. Vertical Pyramid Planter

Vertical Strawberry Pyramid

A strawberry tower planter gives you the additional planting and growing space you need to showcase your love for this much-loved fruit. It’s an unusual and functional DIY garden project you can try. 

3. Hanging Basket

Strawberry Hanging Basket

Growing strawberries in hanging baskets is possible and easy enough. An average-sized basket can fit a few strawberry plants. So, all you have to do is fill it up with the right rich potting soil and water regularly. 

4. Strawberry Pallet Planter

DIY Strawberry Pallet Planter

A strawberry pallet planter is a clever idea to grow plants like strawberries that spread through runners; it also improves the productivity of this fruit. Pallets are cheap and sturdy; you can use them to create a raised bed-like structure. 

5. Hanging Strawberry Planters from Tin Cans

DIY hanging Strawberry Planter

Growing strawberries up in the air in hanging containers is a simple and easy way to grow many plants in a small space. Choose some big tin cans as a planter, also some cool color paint. This perfect idea of recycling requires used TIN CANS.

6. Strawberry Tower


Easy to maintain, it is made of an array of plastic pots stacked up one on top of each other in the form of a tower. Also, the inbuilt reservoir makes watering a lot easier. 

7. Strawberry Gutter Garden

Strawberry Gutter Garden

Strawberries are super easy fruits to grow in gutters; it also saves them from diseases like crown rot and fruit rot. Also, you can grow so many plants. 

8. Stepped Strawberry Ladder

diy vertical strawberry planter

This is one of those DIY ideas for growing strawberries that need considerable effort. Once the structure is complete, fill up the planter boxes with the correct potting soil, seedlings and then watch them grow. 

9. A Strawberry Jar

Want to grow so many strawberries in so little space?

A strawberry jar is a fun way to plant strawberries. The one thing that makes these jars unique is that they have holes on their sides in addition to the top. This facilitates easy watering and proper care. 

10. Strawberries in Straw Bales

Arrange straw bales on top of a raised bed and fill the enclosed space with a mixture of compost and garden soil to grow strawberries!

11. Strawberry Tiered Planter

Ways to Grow Strawberries 2

All you need are a chop saw, cedar boards, screws, drill with Phillips bit, wood glue, soil, and strawberry plants for this one!

12. Grow them in Full Whiskey Barrel

Make few holes in a whiskey barrel, fill it up with soil, and grow multiple strawberry plants in them to enjoy a bumper harvest in a limited space!

13. Strawberry in Cinder Blocks

Ways to Grow Strawberries 3

Growing strawberries in cinder blocks is possible by utilizing the space in the middle. They also take less space and look neat.

14. Stacking Self-Watering Pot for Strawberries

Ways to Grow Strawberries 4

This self-watering pot is great for anyone living in an apartment to grow strawberries in a compact space!

15. Strawberries in Fabric Pockets

Hang fabric pockets on the wall, fill them up with potting mix, and grow strawberries in them!

16. Strawberry Hydroponic Garden

Ways to Grow Strawberries 5

This one needs proper space and planning, but the maintenance would be low and harvest higher than before.

17. Stacked Planter for Strawberries

You can create a stacked planter arrangement in layers in your garden, as shown in the picture, to grow strawberries or any other edible easily.

18. Strawberries In Towers

Ways to Grow Strawberries 6


19. Strawberries in Windowbox


This is an awesome way to grow Strawberries if you live in an apartment and don’t have enough space to grow them. Just make sure you’re positioning the box where it gets plenty of sunlight.

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