10 Syngonium Plant Benefits

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Here are 10 proven Syngonium Plant Benefits that make it a top pick for houseplant lovers apart from its beautiful appearance!

Syngonium-Plant-Benefits-Urban-PlantsIf you are looking for a houseplant that looks good, is very easy to maintain, and gives you many benefits, then this is the one. Here are some proven Syngonium Plant Benefits that will surely tempt you into growing one!

 Syngonium Plant Benefits

1. Excellent Air Purifier

This beautiful plant is not just eye-candy but also has the quality to clean the indoor air you breathe! Syngonium can remove VOCs such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and xylene. 

2. Boosts Humidity and Reduces Dry Air

3. A Perfect Feng Shui Plant

The distinct foliage of Syngonium varies from arrow shape to five-lobed pattern with age, which portrays the five elements of Feng Shui–Earth, Metal, Water, Fire, and Wood, creating an ideal balance of Yin Yang. It promotes positivity, “chi or energy,” and also cleans the air. Syngonium will also help in lowering down stress and anxiety.

4. Looks Adorable is syngonium plant benefits

5. Easy to Grow

This beautiful houseplant is quite easy to grow and maintain–It does well in the shade and looks amazing year-round. For that reason, we have included this plant

6. A Great CO2 Absorbing Plant

In malaysia, they observed that the plant successfully brought down the CO2 levels from 433 ppm to 333 ppm, indicating that the plant absorbed 23.10% CO2 in total in a closed test room.

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