Fittonia albivenis Plant

Fittonia albivenis  Plant

Fittonia albivenis Plant

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Fittonia albivenis, commonly called nerve plant or mosaic plant, is a creeping, evergreen perennial native to tropical rainforests in South America (Columbia and Peru).
Common Name: silver fittonia
Native Range: Peru
Leaf: Colorful, Evergreen
Type: Herbaceous perennial

Care Instructions:


Because the nerve plant originates in a tropical place, it thrives within a high humidity surrounding. Misting may be required to maintain humid-like conditions.


Fittonia nerve plant likes nicely drained moist soil, however not too wet.


Water fairly and let growing nerve plants dry out between waterings.


Use room temperature water on the plant to avoid surprises.


Growing approximately three to 6 inches (7.5-15 cm.) by 12 to 18 inches (30-45 cm.) or longer, the Fittonia nerve plant tolerates vivid mild to color conditions however will truly flourish with shiny, indirect mild. Low light publicity will purpose these plant life to revert to green, dropping the veins colorful splashes of color.

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