Beetroot seeds

Urban Plants SKU: UP00010112
Beetroot seeds
Beetroot seeds
Beetroot seeds

Beetroot seeds

Urban Plants SKU: UP00010112
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Beetroot is best known for its antioxidants and its cancer curing qualities. It is very easy to cultivate and is one of most grown vegetable in India as well as the world.

 Seeds quantity- 100 seeds 

Climate for Beetroot 
Beetroot can be grown all around the year under cool circumstances for optimum cultivation. However over exposure to cold temperatures can lead to further problems in cultivation such as slow growth. Beetroot can be grown under hot weather as well, however in doing so the plant loses its colour and quality.

Soil requirements
Loamy soil is good for all types of varieties.
pH of soil- 6.3 to 7.5

Water requirement for growing Beetroot:
That being said, avoid over-watering. This causes beetroot to produce more leaves and less root, risking them “bolting” (flowering and not producing a vegetable).

• Once they have sprouted, only water them every 10-14 days in dry spells.

Best Fertiliser for beetroot
Spray nitrogen rich fertilizer like Trifecta+ to give it the extra boost of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace minerals and micronutrients. Without a good amount of nitrogen, the beets will only produce enough greenery to survive, sparing no energy for the production of the root.

Common disease in beetroot.
Fungi thrive in moist conditions, so be careful not to overwater. You should also rotate your crops. Don't plant beets in the same place more than once every three to five years to prevent recurrence of this disease. Once you detect fusarium root rot or yellows, it's too late to stop it.

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