Kathal plant

Amrapali nursery SKU: AKM00186
Kathal plant

Kathal plant

Amrapali nursery SKU: AKM00186
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Plant quantity- 1
Height- 1 feet

Light - Jackfruit trees
prefer full sun and well-drained soil, although the soil may be sandy, sandy loam, or rocky and it will tolerate all these conditions. ... Growing a jackfruit tree from seed can be a rewarding endeavor if you have the right conditions for this warm-climate fruit tree.

Water- Water them every day and keep them in a warm, sunny spot—preferably outdoors if the weather is nice. Once they start to sprout up, keep an eye on them to see which one is growing the best. Pluck out the two smaller ones, and then continue watering the one remaining seedling.

Though trees generally take a long time to mature, jackfruit trees are comparatively fast growers! In about three or four years after planting, you can expect your jackfruit tree to produce harvestable fruits.
Jackfruit tree easily planted in containers, but choose large containers for its root development. Be aware that the drainage in these containers should also be well. It's well in a 20-inch diameter and 24-inch deep containers.

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