Patharchatta (Kalanchoe Pinnata,)

Patharchatta (Kalanchoe Pinnata,)

Patharchatta (Kalanchoe Pinnata,)

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Plant Description: Patharchatta Plant the most popular show outdoor plant. It is also called the “Kalanchoe Pinnata Plant “. This hardy plant with variegated leaves is often used for, Garden and outdoor plants, and mainly because it requires little care. This Medicinal Plant variant is efficient for various use

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe Pinnata

Plant Size: 8-12 Inch

Deciduous/Evergreen: Evergreen.

Average Landscape Size: Remains small vine outdoor

Special Feature:  Kalanchoe Pinnata Plant uses for various use especially kidney problems and urinary disorders , Hypertension, Treat Vaginal disorders, Treats Headache for air purification of your outdoor atmosphere

How To Care For Kalanchoe Pinnata

Soil: Regular well-drained soil Money Plant can grow in a soilless medium like coco peat or peat moss. 

Repotting: Change the pot every year. Use a bigger sized pot every time you repot the plant.

Sunlight: Plant can grow in full shade (indoors) or partial sunlight (outdoors)

Water: Watering can be done 3-4 times a can be grown in water also  The plant is drought tolerant.

Fertilizer: Provide well rotten cow dung manure during potting.

Temperature: Although  Kalanchoe Pinnata Plant loves a warm climate, it can grow very well in a wide range of temperatures.

Humidity: Kalanchoe Pinnata like a hot & humid climate. It can tolerate low humidity as well.

Pruning: Train the climber to grow in a particular direction by cutting off the unwanted branches every three months.

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