What is Organic Waste Converter

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.
Organic waste converter Urban plants Organic waste converter or organic waste composters are machines that are used to convert organic waste such as vegetable waste, bakery waste, meat waste, leaves, fruits and fruit skins, and flowers into valuable compost that can be used for organic farming activities. Converters are commonly referred to as composters from waste. Some of the converters can be used for treatment and recycling of both solid and liquid organic waste from solid waste management.
Converters are actually self-contained systems designed to perform a variety of functions such as shredding or crushing, waste segregation, filtering, dewatering, mixing, and curing. Due to the wide variety of functions available on OWC converters, the technology has found application in diverse sectors of work that generate organic waste.
Residential Estates, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Food Canteens, Educational Institutes, Municipal Corporations, Vegetable Markets, Fish Markets, Naval Bases, Military Bases, and Temples are among the beneficiaries of the organic waste converter technology. 
Vertical garden tower Urban plants Another supplementary product against organic waste composter in economical and performance wise is Sadabahar composter vertical garden planter tower will help the best feature of it is self fertilizing with inbuilt composter attached with planter that is available at Urban plants. 

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