What is Garden waste and their management

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Pyrolysis of garden waste Urban plants Garden waste, also known as yard waste, is a biogenic type of waste collected during the municipal garden maintenance activities, such as trimming, pruning, cleaning of the green plots, and cultivated grounds. It often consists of twigs, clippings, sticks, and multiple organic products. Its composition can differ importantly depending on the season, method of the collection of waste, as well as location. Since it contains a significant amount of organic matter, its sustainable management is becoming most important.
With climate change awareness gaining the right attention all over the world, municipalities are searching for new composting methods of dealing with the garden wastes that will not only allow its safe disposal but also create a strong environmental and economic impact. For that purpose, Garden waste is a unique and abundant form of feedstock collected in almost every municipality of india. 

Pyrolysis of garden waste

Biogreen technology is made to challenge the casual take and dispose of economy model where the waste is left aside for future generations. What others see as an unwanted residue of garden waste, we consider a source of value. The pyrolysis process of garden waste management is made to create useful products from discarded residues and create circularity in the local communities.
A parallel product of the Biogreen process for garden waste is syngas, an energy-rich gas that can be used to produce steam for the grid or surrounding of waste. Generated synthetic gas leaving the Biogreen reactor is a hot mixture of condensable and non-condensable phases in pyrolysis. Syngas from pyrolysis is a combustible gas and can be used for the production of power in many types of equipment, from steam cycles through gas turbines and engines. 

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