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Smart City Waste Management in India Urban plants ULBs are looking to technological innovation to curb rising garbage problems in newly minted smart cities in India. Agra – which houses the Taj Mahal – plans to install 293,000 waste containers tagged with radio frequency identification (RFID). These waste containers will be tracked throughout the city to ensure they are used to their maximum efficiency in waste management. Additionally, 1,600 city sweepers will be given GPS tracking devices in waste collection so as to coordinate on a city wide level.
Retrofitting new technologies into existing solid waste management structures, while using other technologies to redevise waste mapping systems, will allow for transparent and sustainable waste management.

Indian startup Innovation for waste management 

Innovation in Waste management in India Urban plants Indian startups producing innovative technologies to help deal with India’s unique urban challenges have been teaming up with larger companies in order to bid on funding allocated for the Smart Cities Mission in India. The Indian government requires companies bidding on these projects to have years of experience and high turnover rates, a requirement that discounts virtually all startups in India. Established companies will benefit from partnering with tech-driven startups and usher in a veritable renaissance of effective waste management solutions in a newly urbanizing landscape.
No trash talk as opportunities abound
India’s waste Transportation problems are not going to disappear quickly or quietly. The sheer amount of garbage of all kinds produced in the country easily outweighs the weak, and at times, nonexistent infrastructure meant to waste it. However, the fact that small and medium businesses (SMEs) and startups are already invested in India’s waste management sector act as guides on how to both sustainably innovate and make a profit of waste management.
Moreover, the Indian government’s aspiration for a healthy and planned urbanization offers companies regarding waste management the chance to establish themselves as players in the rapidly growing sector.     
Foreign companies looking to become a part of the waste management in India can profit by finding the right ULBs to work with while partnering with Indian enterprises specialized in addressing the country’s unique waste management issues.
Vertical garden tower Urban plants Considering the waste management innovation in India we can go through the more smart innovation with sustainable development of waste management at home. Collect the compostable materials at home and start making compost remaining will be dumped in local waste collection Authorities in India. While preparing compost from compostable materials we can use Sadabahar composter vertical garden planter tower. The best feature of it is self fertilizing with inbuilt composter attached with planter that is available at Urban plants

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