Preparation of Bioenzyme Natural Cleaner

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Bio enzyme preparation Urban plants Bio enzyme cleaners are cleaning products that use non-pathogenic, “good” harmless bacteria to digest wastes, soils, stains and malodors. The bacteria do this by producing chemicals called enzymes that break down certain molecules (wastes/soils) into tiny pieces. These smaller pieces of food feed bacteria. The bacteria consume these soils and break them down into two basic compounds: water and carbon dioxide. The bacteria grow in number and continue to consume the waste until their food supply diminishes (the food waste is gone).


  • Bio enzyme natural cleaner preparation Urban plants Take citrus peels, jaggery and water in the ratio of 1:3:10  and 1 spoon of yeast. Note that you can also opt for the peels of carrot, pineapple, cucumber, sweet lime and lettuce.
  • Mix all these ingredients in a plastic bottle or container with a screw bottle cap and leave it aside for 1 month. Do not fill the bottle or container to the brim.
  • Since the mixture will produce gasses, the bottle cap or lid should be opened and stirred at least once a day. Note that the solution should always be covered so that the fruit flies do not get into the bottle or container.
  • Ferment the mixture for one month in anaerobic conditions of fermentation.
  • After one month, strain the liquid and store in a plastic bottle or container.
  • Now the bio enzyme cleaner is ready and can be used as a multipurpose cleaner.

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