Challenges to Waste Management in India

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Challanges Of Waste Management

Finding a landfill is seen as merely relocating the problem of garbage piles. It is note worthy that waste management becomes challenging when waste segregation of the garbage is not performed and recyclables, organic waste and toxic wastes are all dumped.
Increasing urbanization leads to additional pressure on landfill sites located in urban areas. Waste management in India rules were notified more than a year ago, yet they are not implemented.
The Swachh Bharat Programme has focussed mainly on individual action to keep streets clean without pressure on State and Cental municipal authorities for scientific Waste management.
Organic waste that can potentially help green cities and also feed small and affordable household biogas plants is simply avoided. India is doing little to prevent plastic (waste management) from drifting into suburban rivers, garbage, water bodies and cattle feeding on dumping sites.

Successful Waste Management practices:

  • Kenya and Rwanda can serve as precedents for India which have introduced stiff penalties for use of flimsy plastic bags.
  • In India itself, Alappuzha in Kerala and Panaji in Goa can serve as good examples for Waste Management because they do not have any landfills. Both these cities convert their compost or biogas and recycle glass, plastic, metals and papers.
  • Green protocol, which is aimed at reducing garbage generation, discouraging disposables and using reusable alternatives.

Modern Waste Management Solution


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