Alphonso Mango Plant Complete Information

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Alphonso Mango Plant Information Urban Plants The most popular variety of mango in India, which is also big on export, it is popularly known as hafoos or hapoos, hapus is Alphonso Mango Hindi name. The best variation of Alphonso mangoes is those from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra North Indian.
Alphonso Mangoes are usually grown from a healthy 2 to 4 foot tall (half to one meter) nursery tree. Buy an Alphonso Mango tree that has no sign of wounds or other damage to the trunk, particularly where the trunk meets the soil.

Alphonso Mango Tree Height

Alphonso Mango tree height nowadays varies as if any farmer has done planting with Israeli techniques it starts with 4 to 6 feet. But if it is traditional then it again varies from 20 feet to 100 feet height as per plant to plant and locality or village wise. 

Alphonso Mango flowers

Alphonso Mango flowers Urban plants The mango flowers appear on the trees by the end of winter and at the beginning of spring. Both female & male flowers of Alphonso fruit flowers bloom on this tree. The flowering of these plants is dependent on the climatic conditions of Alphonso Mango India.The flowering season on these Alphonso Mango trees starts from the southern part of India. This season spreads from the south, Hence the first bloom or arrival is of Salem Mango or South Alphonso mango. Then comes to Bihar like zardalu mango, then spreads alongside the Arabian pacific ocean sea like pure Hapus, then reaches the north in February or March. The leaves are leathery and are fairly long. Alphonso Mango flowers are 5-16 inches in length and are on the trees for over a year. Each Alphonso fruit flower grows in a cluster of approx 4-16 inches.  
Alphonso Flowers are then pollinated by insects, and only 1% of flowers turn into fruits. This sight of the Alphonso tree is a wonder in itself.

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